Portland shuts down real restaurants but lets BLM Ribs operate

Portland shuts down real restaurants but lets BLM Ribs operate
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Portland has issued strict orders against businesses against operating during the coronavirus pandemic, but its enforcement of the law only extends to legitimate businesses. BLM Ribs and other unlicensed food outlets operated by far-left activists are allowed to operate in unhygienic conditions.

These open-air kitchens and food service joints sprung up with the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests that have become a staple of the liberal city following the death of George Floyd in late May. Rioters need to eat, too, and the shut down of legitimate restaurants and fast food outlets in the wake of COVID-19 has a limiting effect on dining options.

The Oregon Health Authority offers strict guidance for restaurants and other food service businesses, including food carts and catering services. Restaurant customers and staff are required to wear masks indoors and adhere to social distancing guidelines of six feet. Parties are also limited to a maximum of 10 people. Restaurants are required to enforce all these guidelines or face closure.

In July, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission shut down nine bars and restaurants for violating social distancing guidelines, KDRV reported.

Even as licensed businesses are forced to abide by strict rules, joints like BLM Ribs, which provides aid to rioters, have been allowed to operate with impunity. Every night, hundreds of activists gather at these outlets in full violation of social distancing guidelines.

Posting on Twitter, independent journalist Drew Hernandez captured footage of a “riot ribs”-style feeding station across the street from the federal courthouse that has been the site of nightly riots.

“There has been no condemnation of these unsanitary practices from local officials during the so called ‘pandemic,’” he wrote. “Yet many local business [sic] are being forced to shutdown [sic].”

Kalen D'Almeida tweeted a video showing progressive Democrat Earl Blumenauer, who represents Oregon’s 3rd Congressional District, giving money to a Riot Ribs operation.

https://twitter.com/FromKalen/status/1287683647458312192 The most prominent feeding station, Riot Ribs, was dissolved in late July following in-fighting between organizers. It has been replaced by other operations, including BLM Ribs.

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