Rabid 'trans activist' Jessica Simpson threatens to harm female Rebel News reporter

While covering the hearing of the three criminal offences allegedly committed by Jessica Serenity Simpson (formerly Jonathan Yaniv), Simpson charged at Rebel News reporter Drea Humphrey with a service dog, and threatened to make the dog attack her.

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On December 18, my life flashed before my eyes as I was charged at and threatened by Jessica Serenity Simpson, a violent trans activist with a history of attacking Rebel News reporters.

Simpson is commonly known by the previous name Jonathan Yaniv or their coined name "the wax my balls guy" due to suing women uncomfortable waxing "her" male genitalia.

The trans activist attended a hearing to learn how Judge Solomon would rule over charges for falsely pulling a fire alarm, lying to the police, and allegedly assaulting a 70-year-old man who physically shooed Simpson's unruly "service dog" Rexy off a chair in a retirement home.

Watch the full video report to see the events that took place before and while Simpson charged at me and threatened to sic the so-called service dog on me simply because I dared to ask questions Simpson didn't want me to ask.

To make matters worse, a courthouse sheriff was present during the entire incident and did nothing to intervene, similar to when Simpson assaulted my former colleague Keean Bexte in front of the same courthouse.

I have filed a police report and will press charges to make it clear that violent bullies do not have the right to threaten to harm Rebel News reporters for practicing journalism.

To learn more about this individual's disturbing past and the leniency of the courts and law enforcement, visit our special website called YanivTrial.com. You can also contribute to cover the expensive costs of reporting on this individual, including the need for our reporters to have security by our side.

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