It is time for us to raise our flag.

Our prime minister, Justin Trudeau thinks we need to earn the right to fly our flag again, but men like him could never earn that right.

Soldiers who fought and died for our fundamental Canadian values earned and defended that right already.

Indigenous communities across Canada who struggle with long-term boil water advisories, poverty, and addiction issues —they don’t need more empty gestures from a Prime Minister who goes surfing in Tofino on the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.

They need tangible progress from men and women of action.

Men and women like the soldiers who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

How many Indigenous issues has the Prime Minister addressed since lowering the flags to half-mast?

If Canadians truly want to make amends for what happened in residential schools, let’s prove we care by improving the lives of Indigenous youth who can’t turn on a tap and drink clean water or safely have a bath.

Helping our Indigenous youth suffering today does far more to honour those lost in residential schools than any symbolic gesture ever could.

With Remembrance Day fast approaching, it is time we raise our flag.

Dishonouring the unmarked graves of those who fought and died overseas does nothing to remedy the tragedy of unmarked graves here in Canada.

It is time to do the Canadian thing, raise the flag to honour our soldiers and roll up our sleeves to help our Indigenous brothers and sisters.

If you agree that it is time to raise our flag, please send an email to Justin Trudeau and please sign the petition on this page.

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