Roxham Road Remains Open; Ronald McDonald House Evicts Unvaxxed

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GUEST HOST: Sheila Gunn Reid

The province of Quebec is one of the worst COVID lockdown jurisdictions in the free world, with a curfew, gathering limits, a ban on indoor dining and a prohibition on church services. Canadian citizens cannot travel internally on a plane or a train without producing a vaccine passport. Canadian truckers cannot cross the border back into Canada without proof of vaccination. Yet, the illegal border crossing at Quebec's Roxham Road remains wide open to illegal migrants who take a quick cab ride from the airport to the end of the residential street before waltzing across into Canada. Quebec-based Rebel Reporter, Alexa Lavoie went to Roxham Road to check out how easy it is for trespassers to jump the queue into Canada and she joins us tonight to tell us what she saw.

Then, Ronald McDonald House in Vancouver has given an eviction notice to the family of a four-year-old who is in and out of the hospital, fighting leukemia. It's not that the family was rowdy, ungrateful and not following the house rules. But rather the family is unvaccinated. Vancouver-based Rebel Reporter Drea Humphrey joins us tonight to discuss her interview with the family of the little boy about the broken promises made by RMHC and what Canadians can do to send a message to the RMHC to ensure that this sort of betrayal of a family when they are the most vulnerable never happens again.

Then, unlike the CBC, we read your viewer feedback!

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