Reopening your business is “white privilege,” according to HuffPo

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The Great Canadian Barbecue Rebellion has lost its sizzle following the arrest of Adamson Barbecue owner Adam Skelly. After opening his restaurant for three straight days, breaking Toronto's ban on indoor dining, police showed up en masse in a display of force that was sure to send a message to the next small business owner who dared to defy the government's rules.

And while Skelly took his chances and opened his doors to diners, much of the mainstream media screamed that this outrageous behaviour had to stop. Yes, instead of trying to stick up for the little guy, many Media Party members cheered on the police as the mounted division trotted in and Skelly was taken away in handcuffs.

Perhaps the most egregious hot-take came from an author over at the Huffington Post, who criticized the whole situation as a display of “white privilege,” despite Skelly receiving numerous charges, spending a night in jail, having bail posted at $50,000 and subsequently being told he's barred from posting on social media.

In this Rebel News DAILY Livestream clip, hosts David Menzies and Andrew Chapados tell viewers that this was the moment the media “jumped the shark” on their coverage of the Great Canadian Barbecue Rebellion.

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