Research hospital continues its kidnapping of ten-year-old girl

The reason they took Evelyn might be more political than medical.

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Children’s Mercy (CMH), a Kansas City children’s research hospital, has kidnapped 10-year-old Evelyn Young because her parents were not satisfied with the hospital’s care and protocols.

Children’s Mercy turned Evelyn’s custody over to the State of Missouri after her parents became concerned and upset with CMH doctors who gave Evelyn a serious brain injury and temporarily blinded her by using dubious pharmaceutical drugs.

“It’s terrifying to know they have this kind of power over every family,” Evelyn Young’s mother Jessica told Rebel News. This is a giant overreach by this supposedly prestigious research institution that has taken dozens of children through processes that are concerningly secretive.

There actually is a way you can help — Rebel has hired a great lawyer, Kris Shilt, who’s right outside of Kansas City and is determined to return Evelyn back to her parents. Our website to help facilitate the funding of Evelyn’s legal battle is SaveEvelyn.comYou can also sign our petition which Rebel News aims to deliver to the hospital's board of directors.

The reason they took Evelyn might be more political than medical. Her father explained to Rebel News that most of the court papers CMH is using to kidnap Evelyn, reference the fact that she’s unvaccinated and homeschooled more than it references her current medical condition.

“We took her here seeking professional medical help, I don’t understand what the giant importance of her education status is,” Evelyn’s dad, Justin Young said to Rebel News. This is clearly discrimination against the family's values.

According to first-hand accounts gathered by Rebel News reporter Jeremy Loffredo while in Kansas City, CMH has done this so many times before. Tiffany Adams’ 8-year-old son Jaxon was stolen from her after she asked CMH doctors to use fewer prescription drugs on her son.

“I just wanted them to use less drugs…I just wanted him to be a normal 8-year-old,” explained Tiffany. When they took him, they effectively tortured him by restraining him to the bed and allowing him to defecate in his pants.

The hospital is so politically connected in local and regional politics that they were able to lobby a Kansas City judge to demand that Tiffany stop talking to the media about the CMH kidnapping practices.

“The judge told me if I didn’t stop talking to the media about my son the he’d make an example out of me,” she told Rebel. “In listened because they had my entire life…as leverage.”We don’t want this to happen with Evelyn. We don’t want her to be abused by the hospital and we don’t want her parents to be silenced.

And if we act now, get the lawyer going and head to court we can right this wrong and save Evelyn. You can only help by going to — donating and singing the petition.

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