School board wants to know what gender four-year-old kids identify as

School board wants to know what gender four-year-old kids identify as
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A Kingston-area school district is asking parents to determine which gender their junior kindergarten through Grade 3 student(s) identify as through a student census.

The Limestone District School Board (LDSB) are asking parents a number of questions about their kids in an effort to “support their learning and well-being.”

Naturally, the questions are littered with critical race and gender theory inspired questions, such as:

  • In our society, people are often described by their race or racial background.  For example, some people are considered “White” or “Black” or “East/Southeast Asian”, etc. Which race category best describes your student?  You may pick more than one.
  • Gender identity refers to a person’s internal sense or feeling of being a girl or woman, a boy or man, both, neither or anywhere on the gender spectrum. What is your student's gender identity? You may pick more than one.
  • People who are transgender have a gender identity that is different from the one they were assigned at birth. Is your student transgender?
  • A person’s appearance, style, dress, or the way they walk, or talk may affect how people describe them. How do you think other people at school would describe your student?
  • At this school, my student is encouraged to think or learn about human rights/social justice issues related to: Answers are yes or no or not sure.

The survey also points out prior to listing the questions that “[t]here are no right or wrong answers,” despite the first question asking what the first language(s) a student learned to speak and another asking whether or not “your student born in Canada.”

It is not clear what benefit the school board hopes to gain from asking parents of children between the ages of four to eight years old, beyond the vague suggestion “growth and success,” as suggested by student trustees.

The LDSB Twitter account recently retweeted praise it received from a group called People For Education — a group that espoused the perils of “systemic racism” in Canadian schools back in June shortly following the death of George Floyd.

However, the word “racism” did not appear in any LDSB tweets prior to 2018, despite the accounts creation in 2011, though the word made a single appearance in a November, 2018 posting about a guest speaker. Only after the death of Floyd did the school board amp up its online efforts to combat racism, including a powerful message — sharing a black square on what was called “Blackout Tuesday” on June 2.

The Limestone District School Board serves 19,000 students in the Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington area.

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