'The game is elimination': Supporters rally outside now-closed Without Papers Pizza

Pastor Artur Pawlowski and Whistle Stop Cafe owner Chris Scott joined Without Papers Pizza for a demonstration on the sidewalk outside of the now-closed restaurant.

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As you may have seen, Without Papers Pizza in Calgary has been a recent target of Alberta Health Services. In Calgary, a vaccine bylaw was passed that demands business owners across the board discriminate against their clientele by checking their vaccine status.

This is something the owner of Without Papers Pizza could not do, and because of his love for all — vaccinated or unvaccinated — health authorities shut his business down. If you're interested in supporting the business, be sure to visit Without Papers Instagram page.

In our last report, a wave of supporters came not only for free pizza, but to show their support for frontline workers. As has happened to the staff at Without Papers, vaccines mandates are expected to cause thousands of frontline workers to lose their jobs — a decision that some would argue runs contrary to the betterment of public health.

This brings us to today's report.

Once again, demonstrators came to support both Without Papers Pizza and our frontline workers. Have a look and see what they have to say about the situation as Alberta's vaccine mandate is set to come into effect.

Notably, this event included speeches from some well-known figures: Chris Scott of the Whistle Stop Cafe, Pastor Artur Pawlowski and Jesse, the owner of Without Papers Pizza. After the speakers concluded, the sidewalk picnic then turned into something of a dance party before it fizzled out at the hands of authorities.

Police briefly intervened twice during the evening — once to make sure some individuals in the crowd kept adequate distance from passing vehicles, and a second time later in the evening to inform some in the ground to reduce their volume due to noise complaints.

As you know, vaccine passports are no longer a conspiracy theory. If you want to help fight back against these bureaucratic bullying tactics, go to FightVaccinePassports.com. There, you can see the strategic legal cases being used to challenge vaccine passports. I'm sure you know someone who would appreciate hearing about this website, and if you wish to donate to help support our fight against a two-tiered society, your donation now qualifies for a charitable tax receipt through our partnership with The Democracy Fund, a registered Canadian charity.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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