The Buffalo Ep. 5: The west is set to outpace the rest

Statistics Canada has predicted that within 20 years, the population of Western provinces and territories will increase 34 percent to 16.6 million.

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The latest Statistics Canada data is out. It's good news for the West, which means the beatings from Ottawa will continue for Alberta until morale improves. 

A report by Blacklock's Reporter details how Western Canada will outpace the rest of the country in population growth: 

Western Canada within 20 years will grow by a third while Newfoundland and Labrador will be smaller and greyer, Statistics Canada forecast yesterday.

Nationwide, the seniors’ population next year will eclipse the number of children.

"Medium-growth projections on population to 2043 forecast modest gains in Québec and Atlantic Canada with sharper growth in the West and Ontario," said Blacklock's.

Statistics Canada has predicted that "within 20 years, the population of Western provinces and territories will increase 34 percent to 16.6 million."

The West are on the way back up, with our heads held high. People are choosing the West as the best place to live and work.

Trudeau is already starting the war on the West, with his nitrogen targets for farmers and promises of a net zero future.

Trudeau’s nitrogen snoops are already out in force, stomping all over the property rights of Westerners, entering private land to allegedly take samples of water for pesticides, all without the permission of the landowner.

The Saskatchewan government has none of it. They've threatened the feds with trespass charges. Finally, someone is doing something more than a strongly worded letter. It’s time the rest of the West follows Saskatchewan’s lead and begins flexing muscles to defend the rights of the people who live here. 

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