Should the government ban mean words? This politician thinks so.

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I saw a strange story out of Massachusetts. And I’m going to talk about it because maybe we need a short break from the Canadian election. Oh, we’ll keep talking about the Canadian election, and its reverberations. But I thought this was an interesting story, and although it’s American, I think it’s universal across the Anglosphere.

Here's the Boston Herald story:

Bill to ban the B-word heard at State House

Which b-word? "Bully"? No — the word "bitch."

Here's more:

Rep. Daniel Hunt (D-Dorchester) told the Herald Monday that he filed the measure upon request from a constituent, who he did not identify.

“One of the responsibilities of all Representatives is to serve as a conduit for direct petitions from our constituents to the General Court. It’s a long-held tradition that gives every Massachusetts resident a voice inside the halls of the State House and a chance to raise their personal interests before the legislature,” Hunt wrote. “While this specific instance may amuse some and alarm others, it remains a important process for self-representation.”

As you can see from the Massachusetts legislature home page — this really is a bill. It’s called An Act regarding the use of offensive words.

The operative section of the bill is so short, it’s two sentences long:

A person who uses the word “bitch” directed at another person to accost, annoy, degrade or demean the other person shall be considered to be a disorderly person in violation of this section, and shall be subject to the penalties provided in subsections (a) and (b). A violation of this subsection may be reported by the person to whom the offensive language was directed at or by any witness to such incident.

Is that the worst word in the world? I can think of other sexist words that are far worse, frankly.

This buffoonish bully in Boston wants to ban a b-word. It sounds like a Dr. Seuss book. It’s virtue signalling; it’s hypocritical; it’s weird; it’s unenforceable; but it shows the mentality of leftists — they want to lock you up, literally call the police on you for using words they don’t like.

Even if you don’t like these mean words, we have to push back and defend speech, even rude speech (maybe especially rude speech), because if we don’t defend the rude speech today, they’ll come for the polite speech tomorrow.

Oh, why the way — I’ve set a up a website:

Seriously — click on it. I guess I should report myself to police now, right?

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