The truth about the cost-of-living crisis in the U.K.

Ofgem, the U.K.'s energy regulator, has warned that the energy price cap is set to go up by 80% starting October first of this year. This will mean that the average U.K. household's energy bill will see costs increase from £1971 to £3549 a year.

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In this report I look at what's really happening with this ‘cost of living’ crisis we are living through in the U.K. 

Currently we know that the domestic energy prices have doubled and the new Prime Minister, Lizz Truss, who has stepped in to cap the rises. 

Despite the prime ministerial intervention, the British public are suffering the largest price rises in memory.

It's not just the domestic energy costs that have risen dramatically: Food, water and the price at the pump have all gone up.

The British people are being financially battered from all sides and this winter many families will have to choose between "heating and eating."

I reported from the kitchen of an everyday British household to shed some light on the "cost of living crisis" and try to answer the question on what’s this about.

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