Thousands flock to 'Let Us Worship' night led by Sean Feucht in B.C.

Drea Humphrey reports from Coquitlam, where thousands flocked to an event led by Sean Feucht, a Christian worship leader, singer and activist, to hear songs and messages about hope, love, and worshiping God over government.

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On Sunday, close to 5,000 people gathered in Coquitlam’s city core to worship Jesus Christ freely, whilst also reflecting upon how doing so during COVID-19 lockdowns was deemed unlawful.

The worship night was one of three massive Canadian revival-type events in or near Ottawa, Calgary and Vancouver.  

The diverse crowd that showed up in Coquitlam’s Town Centre Park for “Let Us Worship” were eager to hear the songs and messages about hope, love, living without fear and worshiping God over government, led by Christian singer and activist Sean Feucht. 

“This is not my first rodeo here in British Columbia, and the people that are here are such passionate worshipers. And I remember thinking as everything was shutting down, they are trying to rob God of the worship of British Columbians,” Feucht told the crowd when reminiscing about the persecution of Christians in Canada during lockdowns.

“I remember thinking this is crazy. Not that the government is doing what the government does, but that so many people are complying” Feuct added. 

After California Governer Gavin Newsom implemented a COVID-19 mandate that banned singing in church, Feucht’s Hold the Line ministry began hosting “Let Us Worship” protests across the U.S.

The Christian movement that fought for religious freedoms against COVID tyranny led many to giving their life to Christ, and Feucht was Washington state's “number one COVID offender.”

In 2022, a documentary called “Superspreader was released, which showed the other side of the story counter to what the mainstream media had been publishing about the massive worship protests.

“Here’s the good news by the way. If you don’t like how you responded to the test of 2020, there’s another test coming,” was just another piece of advice Feucht gave to those in attendance on Sunday.

Watch our full video report to see for yourself the moving moments that occurred during the Let Us Worship night, as well as to hear Feucht describe what his ministry has gone through during our interview with him.

For an up-close look at the religious persecution Canadian Christians faced during COVID-19 lockdowns, you can buy your digital copy of our exclusive documentary called “Church Under Fire: Canada's War on Christianity” at

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