Tommy Robinson holds massive rally against 'two-tier policing' in London

London was at the centre of a massive event on June 1, where thousands of supporters of Tommy Robinson turned up for a premiere of his new documentary and to rally against the numerous challenges facing the United Kingdom, including two-tier policing, mass immigration, the health-care system, radical gender ideology and more.

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Tommy Robinson, a well-known independent journalist and activist in the United Kingdom, called for his supporters, and every other Brit who is fed up with the mismanagement of the current government, to come together and raise their voices on June 1.

People gathered by the thousands at Victoria Station, the rallying point for the start of a march towards Parliament Square, where Robinson would premiere his new film — “LAWFARE: A Totalitarian State.”

A massive police enforcement was on scene that day, since the Socialist Workers had called for action to stop Tommy Robinson and his supporters' event.

The main concerns people shared during the June 1 rally were mostly about Britain's health-care system, the sexualization of children, skyrocketing inflation. One issue, however, dominated the discussion: the massive immigration that is taking over England.

“I came because I'm a big believer in freedom of speech,” Laurence Fox, an English actor who has become involved in politics, said at the start of the march.

“I think it's really important. I think it's being eroded in our country, and without freedom of speech, you don't have a democracy, you don't have anything even vaguely resembling a democracy. Everything becomes tyrannical, and it's been suppressed across the world, and it needs to stop,” he continued.

Another participant expressed their frustration, saying, “The reason why I came here today was to just stand shoulder to shoulder with my brothers and sisters who are just fed up with the immigration situation.”

“We came here today to support our British culture, our values, everything that it means to be British,” a woman added.

“Five or six years ago, I spoke out in his defence because I felt I had to, because when they start locking people up for what they say, then your turn may come later,” said Gerard Batten, former member of European Parliament, said during the event.

“What you can see today is a result of years of neglect of our country,” Paul Thorpe, an English YouTuber and podcaster, said. “They keep calling us names. They keep trying to label us. All I see here today are wonderful British people of all races, creeds, colours, and religions that want peace, unity, and love in this country.”

The conclusion of the peaceful rally of Robinson and his supporters seemed to be that the tides have turned; that the English people are finally waking up.

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