Tracking down Jonathan Yaniv — behind the scenes with Drea Humphrey

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On the latest episode of Rebel Roundup, Drea Humphrey joined David Menzies to discuss the latest in Jonathan Yaniv's ongoing court cases.

Earlier this week, both Jonathan Yaniv AKA Jessica Simpson, along with and Mama Yaniv attended court in Surrey, British Columbia for two separate appearances.

In one of his latest capers, Jonathan — who recently changed his name to Jessica Simpson — is suing the salon waxers he took to a Human Rights tribunal last year in order to claw back the money he had to pay out to them.

“To lose in court and then to try to get the money back that you were ordered to pay — why don't you just give up?”

You can catch up on all of our Jonathan Yaniv coverage by clicking here.

Rebel News is suing Jonathan in civil court for his assaults on our reporters. You can help by chipping in to cover our legal fees here.

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