Trudeau gets grilled by European MEPs and Canada's legacy media is silent

Four different members of European Parliament had harsh words for the Canadian prime minister.

Trudeau gets grilled by European MEPs and Canada's legacy media is silent
Twitter / Christine Anderson
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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s two-day trip to Brussels, Belgium to “meet allies and partners to continue addressing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine” has gotten off to a rocky start, but Canadians are not hearing about it from the legacy media’s reports on the visit. 

Earlier today, we reported on how a Croatian Member of the European Parliament (MEP), Mislav Kolakušić, tore Trudeau a new one in Belgium on Tuesday, which included categorizing the force Canada recently used against Freedom Convoy protesters as methods of “a dictatorship of the worst kind.”

But Kolakušić wasn’t the only one to roast Trudeau at the plenary meeting.

At least two more MEP’s criticized Trudeau’s leadership and his invitation to address the European legislature. A fourth MEP, Italy’s Francesca Donato, says she was denied the opportunity to speak after Trudeau did, despite being one of the scheduled speakers.

German MEP Christine Anderson said “Mr. Trudeau, you are a disgrace for any democracy. Please spare us your presence.” Anderson, who previously spoken out in support of the Canadian Freedom Convoy movement, did not hold back her fiery words for the increasingly authoritarian Trudeau.

Anderson felt it would be more appropriate for Trudeau to address European Parliament on Article 144 of the governing body's rules:

It would have been more appropriate for Mr. Trudeau, prime minister of Canada, to address this house according to Article 144; an article which was specifically designed to debate violations of human rights, democracy and the rule of law, which is clearly the case with Mr. Trudeau.

Then again, a prime minister who openly admires the Chinese basic dictatorship, who tramples on fundamental rights by persecuting and criminalizing his own citizens as terrorists, just because they dare to stand up to his perverted concept of democracy should not be allowed to speak in this house at all.

MEP Bernhard Zimniok, another representative from Germany, went as far as trying to prevent Trudeau’s speech in the European Parliament meeting from happening at all.

Trudeau “recently trampled on the core values of democracy,” Zimniok said in a post on Twitter.

A former diplomat who worked in Syria and Pakistan for many years, Zimniok took to the podium to address his colleagues and said “the invitation to Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, is an invitation to someone who has been trampling on democratic rights, whose been cracking down on people who protested against disproportionate corona measures” and asked that someone like Trudeau not “be given any speaking time in this house of democracy.”

Having dedicated a portion of his speaking time to warn European legislators about “a rise in cynical populists” like the Freedom Convoy, Trudeau in turn had to hear multiple MEPs push back against his message.

Sparking outrage while visiting other countries is nothing new for Trudeau, however, with the prime minister receiving backlash for inviting a convicted terrorist to a state dinner in India. More recently, Trudeau had to take a detour through a backdoor to avoid angry protesters in the United Kingdom — just two of the embarrassing moments Trudeau has had on the international stage.

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