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VAX PASS LAWSUIT: CN Rail workers launch legal action against company's vaccine mandate

After the first legal threat letter, CN moved the mandatory proof of vaccination date back, from October 31 to November 15, 2021. Fighting back is working.

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Canada's rail workers were deemed essential workers at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. And how could they not be? Rail workers get our goods and services to market and bring what we need into our communities. Without them, Canada's economy would be grievously harmed, our store shelves would be empty and our producers would have stranded goods, unable to get them to customers.

Rail workers have worked diligently throughout the pandemic to keep Canada's supply chains open, all without a vaccine. So why now, some 20 months into the lockdowns, are railway workers facing unemployment — what the rail companies are now calling 'unpaid leave' if they do not either take the vaccine or produce proof of being a double-dosed vaccine recipient?

Weeks ago, CN Rail workers began to organize to defend their rights in the workplace. They already had a lawyer willing to take their case, they just needed the financial backing to get the ball rolling. That's where the civil liberties initiative came in through a partnership with the registered Canadian charity, The Democracy Fund, to cover the costs of the CN workers to start litigation against their employer.

Two legal threat letters have already been sent to CN Rail by lawyer Leighton Grey, reminding the company of their obligations and the rights of employees to be able to work without being coerced into medical procedures. After the first letter, the company moved the mandatory proof of vaccination date back, from October 31 to November 15, 2021. Fighting back is working.

Today you will meet Kyle Pilon, a CN worker willing to put his face to the fight at great personal cost. He stands to lose everything, including his home, if he gets fired for not taking the vaccine — but he tells me he cannot submit to medical coercion for ethical and moral reasons. Then you'll meet Leighton Grey, the lawyer fighting for the CN workers who will tell us what the next steps are in the battle for privacy and medical freedom.

To help this group of brave rail workers stand up to a multi-billion dollar company, CN Rail, please donate at All donations there qualify for a charitable tax receipt from the Democracy Fund.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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