Vegans stage protest inside Melbourne supermarket

Animal rights activists disrupt Coles shoppers in CBD

Vegans stage protest inside Melbourne supermarket
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Vegan animal rights activists disrupted shoppers at a city supermarket at the weekend to protest the treatment of pigs.

The protestors sat in the meat aisle at Coles on Spencer Street displaying placards and waving their hands painted in mock blood.

The strict vegetarians claimed Coles was selling pig products where pigs had been confined to cages.

They said Victorian pigs were being locked in small stalls, despite the pork industry committing to a phase-out of the practice back in 2017.

“Consumers are being misled in viewing cages as a thing of the past,” a spokesman for the group said.

He demanded the Victoria government legislate to ban sow stalls.

“More broadly, this protest aims to draw attention to the incredible suffering and violence that is inherent to modern animal farming.

“We believe consumers deserve to know the reality of these industries.”

Animal Justice Party MP Andy Meddick told State Parliament in September that the pork industry’s attempts at self-regulation were “woeful”.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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