WATCH: Trucker convoy arrives in the Australian capital

Avi Yemini speaks with truckies who have taken their message to Canberra

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The Aussie spirit was in full force as thousands of everyday Australians came together in the nation's capital to have their voices heard.

While some Australians have only been marginally impacted by the government's handling of the pandemic, a growing number of people have been driven to the edge by rules and mandates, forcing them to lose their livelihoods.

The Convoy to Canberra event was inspired by the trucker convoy in Canada which has caused major disruption in its capital city of Ottawa.

The sentiment from the Australian truckies I spoke to was along the same theme - regular hard-working people who are not being listened to or have had their concerns addressed by the government and poorly represented by the mainstream media.

"What they're trying to do is destroy everything that we've ever worked for," said one truckie I spoke to.

"We've just got to have change in this country ... we just cannot keep on going, we're going to send ourselves broke as a nation. And we've got to get all of our people back to work again.

"We need a leader, we need someone to stand up for people, stand up for what's right, stand up for what's godly and actually just be a leader that we desperately need."

Those involved in the protest had messages of support for Canadian truck drivers.

"Thank you for the motivation, thank you for believing in us and supporting us. Thank you and God bless you," said one truckie.

"We need our freedom's back. We've had enough," said another.

"This madness has to end ... It has to end ... we have to all come together like we are now.

"We've got to demand our freedoms, no more lockdowns and protect our kids."

Some of the protesters plan to camp out in front of Parliament House until they are heard.

"We just want to let Scomo know that we're just here for two weeks to flatten the curve and then we'll go."

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  • By Avi Yemini

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