'We just want to make hamburgers' not enforce a vaccine passport

The owners of Peterburgers in Peterborough, Ontario just want to make hamburgers, not enforce vaccine passports.

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For this We Won’t Ask interview, I travelled to Peterburgers in Peterborough, Ontario, where freedom enthusiasts were pouring in to support Nicole Comber and Roy Asselstine as they take a principled stand against continued public health restrictions that are harming their bottom line.

Peterborough Public Health has been charging their business for alleged non-compliance with vaccine passport enforcement.

Most recently, they were served with a cease and desist order, despite not yet having their day in court for the previous fines.

Nicole and Roy note that thus far, there have not been any COVID cases linked back to their restaurant.

Citing the Canadian justice system, Nicole and Roy feel they are being unfairly assumed guilty for infractions of which they question the constitutionality and validity.

Their want is simple: let people decide for themselves whether or not they want to dine indoors at their establishment.

Nicole and Roy just want to make burgers and see their patrons leave with full bellies. They want to run their business unabated while upholding public health mandates that make sense and are non-discriminatory.

Are you a small business that is against vaccine passports in Canada and plan to keep your restaurant, store, or gym open to all patrons regardless of vaccination status? Let us know at WeWontAsk.com and we’ll report your story.

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