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Sheila Gunn Reid joins The Ezra Levant Show to discuss how businesses can reset their relationship with customers with a sticker in their window.

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Alberta has seen a number of protests against the province's COVID restrictions, from Chris Scott of Whistle Stop Cafe, to Pastor Artur Pawlowski, to former premier Ralph Klein's niece, Natalie Klein, there's been no shortage of resistance. 

Now, with the return of restrictions after Premier Jason Kenney's so-called “best summer ever,” the province has instituted a vaccine passport. For businesses looking for a new way to resist and to treat their customers equally, there's a new website:

Sheila Gunn Reid, who's dropped off We Won't Ask stickers to Klein's Bladez 2 Fades barbershop and Wyld Archery, joined The Ezra Levant Show last week to talk about this new website.

Speaking about the message these stickers send, Sheila said:

The uptake on these stickers with our small business community, I think is going to be very, very positive.

But yeah, it signals to your customers that you don't want to be in confrontation with them, and, as Natalie Klein put it, she wants to mind her own business when she's doing business. She just wants to give good haircuts at her barbershop, she doesn't want to know about your vaccination status.

And I think it's a good way to reset the relationship between businesses and customers that has been absolutely destroyed by the government the last 18 months.

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