We're in Switzerland to file our official human rights complaint against Trudeau at the UN!

We all know the United Nations has its shortcomings, but it has a commission set up to investigate the complaint — and we will follow up with the UN until they do their job.

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I'm in Geneva, Switzerland, after a 24-hour journey to get here. This is the headquarters of the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Moments ago, civil liberties lawyer Sarah Miller and I officially served the UN with a formal legal complaint against Justin Trudeau.

We accuse him and the Canadian government of systematically violating the human rights of Canadians with brutal lockdowns, violent policing, political prosecutions and a pathological targeting of peaceful dissenters, including Christian churches.

The UN officially stamped and certified receipt of our complaint — a 15-page summary letter, and hundreds of pages of meticulously compiled evidence.

I know what you're thinking. The UN is run by dictatorships like China and Iran — they don't care about human rights.

I'm worried about that too. I'm a skeptic of the UN and other globalist institutions. But they really do have a whole commission set up to investigate the kind of political abuses that Trudeau and other Canadian politicians have committed.

We have now set the process in motion, and we will follow up with the UN until they investigate the complaint — and hopefully hold Trudeau to account.

Canada's own internal checks and balances didn't work during the pandemic. Nobody stood up for Canadians' human rights. This is a long shot, but it's a long shot worth taking. If you agree, please help us cover the cost of our economy class airfare, and the legal fees of drafting the complaint.

On our very special website, HumanRightsComplaint.com, you can donate securely right on that website, and you'll also find all of my videos on the subject.

Plus, you can read the complaint for yourself, and see the arguments made by our great civil liberties lawyer, Sarah Miller — the lawyer who has been battling for Pastor Artur Pawlowski for more than two years!

I'll keep you posted.

Unlike 99% of Canadian journalists, we don’t take a dollar from Trudeau. That’s why we can speak truth to power — and hire lawyers to fight for freedom. But it costs money. If you can help us, please do — whether it’s $25 or $250, we really need your help. Please, visit HumanRightsComplaint.com to help us hold Trudeau accountable for abusing our rights.

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