#WEscandal: CBC downplays “Trudeau crime family” schemes

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On Friday's Ezra Levant Show, Ezra noted that, to their the leftist gossip site Canadaland had been investigating the Trudeau-linked WE Charity for more than a year.

Yyou know it was good work because WE threatened to sue Canadaland — but never did. In fact, they weirdly hired a retired judge to write a sort of “ruling” as if a lawsuit had happened.

And then — bam:

Trudeau Family Paid Hundreds Of Thousands By WE Organization

Charity says it directly paid for some of Margaret Trudeau's speeches in “error"

WE Charity says it paid $312,000 for 28 speaking events by Margaret Trudeau, the mother of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and $40,000 for eight events with Alexandre “Sacha” Trudeau, the PM’s brother.

Right. They just kept making those payments in error, 28 times. Could happen to anyone. Completely not a bribe, people.

Canadaland was on the hunt, and WE was nervous.

So they leaked the "honorarium" story, with the “bad news” about themselves, to the CBC, knowing the state broadcaster would spin it in a pro-Trudeau way.

And the CBC did not disappoint...

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