Why is Justin Trudeau destroying so many Canadian icons, including our passport?

'There is a pattern going on, and the pattern is not a shock, it's what to be expected from Justin Trudeau. He is a one world socialist type of person, and the only way you can get to that is you have to remove the history of Canada,' said Manny Montenegrino.

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By some measures Canada is doing worse than ever, I'm genuinely concerned about the state of civil liberties in this country. Our economy, government spending, is out of control. I think there are a lot of things that are terrifying, but underneath it all I think there's hope.

I say that because the remedies we typically reach for in this country are elections and it looks like Pierre Poilievre, despite the hatred for him from the regime media, is taking hold. And as Canadians get to know him more and more, they seem to like him, or at least not like him personally seem to think he would do a better job than Trudeau.

It's very interesting to see Pierre Poilievre, who I've known since he was in his 20's, straddle being a good communicator and sort of folksy, but also a bit of an intellectual.

We're going to look at a video of Pierre Poilievre talking about some issues I want to dig into today, talking about replacing Canadian icons and images, replacing historical people, with nothing. With voids.

And without further adieu, tonight's show is a long-form discussion with our friend, Manny Montenegrino.

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