Wuhan releases tourism ad: What pandemic?

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Assuming you have the time and the money to get away for a little holiday this year, where would you like to fly off to?

Costa Rica?


Buffalo, New York?

Hey, jet-setters, how about... Wuhan, China?

I know, I know... for perhaps 99.9 per cent of the planet, flying into Ground Zero of the Coronavirus is about as appealing as a leaky case of itching powder being transported past a nudist colony.

But if you can believe it, Wuhan’s Culture and Tourism Board has launched a marketing campaign to promote this city of 11 million as a... tourist destination?

Oh, it’s true, it’s true! Just check out the whiz-bang ad for Wuhan tourism that runs more than three minutes long. Surely millions were spent on this propaganda — er, promotion, that is — given the production values are admittedly second to none.

But seriously, the nation that caused trillions of dollars of economic damage the world over plus more than 1.5 million fatalities is now promoting the city where it all started as the Asian version of Club Med?
Is the Chinese Communist Party truly that shameless?

You bet your facemask they are...

Of course, the friendly folks down at the Wuhan Culture and Tourism Bureau don’t want would-be visitors to dwell on any sorta negative stuff.

Rather, here’s what the board posted on Facebook when it kicked off its tourism campaign:

“Wuhan never hesitates to show its beauty, and those who love it deeply hope that more people can understand it. From the myriad twinkling lights along the Yangtze River and the amazing dance and music from the Zhiyin cruise, to the glittering light and beautiful voices from the livehouse... give me five! Everyone! Looking forward to meeting you in Wuhan.”

“Give me five”? “Five” what, exactly? Five years in the slammer for criticizing the government in Beijing?

Surely this tourism pitch is an example of audacity to the power of infinity. The very idea that the Beijing Mandarins are promoting the epicentre of COVID-19 as the place to visit in this hellacious year of 2020?

Given the untold damage China is responsible for, surely this is akin to giving the entire world the middle finger? It’s like they’re saying, “Hey suckers! So sorry we destroyed all your economies. But how about we let bygones be bygones? And if you don’t mind, how about taking a trip to Wuhan so THAT city can rebuild ITS economy?”

Gimme a break...

However, if you are hooked on this groovy tourism pitch and plan to visit this fun-filled place and take in Wuhan’s wondrous wet market, do not, I repeat, do not sample the bat soup...

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