YOKES ON THEM: Antifa attack egged on by mum backfires

Avi Yemini talks to mother and son after they FAILED to egg MP Craig Kelly

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An 18-year-old activist threw an egg onto the stage where Independent MP for the United Australia Party, Craig Kelly, was giving a speech.

The incident happened at one of the many Freedom rallies held in Melbourne in opposition to Daniel Andrews’ pandemic legislation and the wider issue of vaccine mandates and vaccine passports.

After the unprovoked attack, the crowd surrounded the 18-year-old, who had come to the rally with his mother, until security arrived.

The young man complained that he was attacked by the crowd after he threw an egg onto the stage.

Rebel News spoke with the teenager to clarify his reason for attacking Craig Kelly.

“What everyone here is saying is wrong, and we need – we need to just calm down and realise the government is just trying to help us,” he said.

When asked about why he was attending the rally and what the point was he was trying to prove, he added:

That this – what’s happening here [the Freedom rally] – is f--ked. Like, the people here, most of them are very f--king Nazi, fascist… [...] You see all these white flags – white – all these shitty like…

You mean all those flags from different countries, are those the Nazis you’re talking about?,” I clarified.


The boy’s mother was at the rally and joined the Rebel News interview in order to explain their position.

“I’m his mother, and I am very proud that he has taken 'direct action' against people that are endangering other people’s lives,” she said, in relation to her son throwing an egg at an elected member of parliament.

When asked if she condoned her son's violent action she explained:

“I feel like that was not an act of violence,” she replied, going on to explain how proud she was of her son for taking a stand against ‘fascism’ and the rise of the ‘right’ in Melbourne.

When asked to elaborate on her understanding of fascism, she replied:

If you look at all the Australian flags – for me, Australian flags represent genocide. Australian flags represent colonisation. Australian flags represent what has happened to this country for Aboriginal people. That is what the Australian flags represent. When I look out and all I see are these fucking Australian flags, all I can see is death. All I can see is death.”

So, your big problem here today is that in Australia they’re waving the Australian flag?,” I clarified.

Absolutely," she said.

When asked if the many immigrants in attendance who were also flying the Australian flag were fascists too, she said: 

“Unfortunately, they haven’t been educated.”

Both mother and son were later booed as they left of the Freedom rally.

Meanwhile, I caught up with the original ‘Egg Boy’ Will Connolly – who infamously hit Senator Fraser Anning with an egg in 2019 – at last week's rally and he spoke in support of the people attending rallies for their freedom.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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