Yukon Party to Prime Minister: Gun-grabbing from legal owners won't solve gun violence

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The conservative-leaning official opposition in Yukon has published a letter sent to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over the “significant concerns" of constituents worried about the federal Liberal government's plan to confiscated legally-owned firearms.

Stacey Hassard, Interim Leader of the Yukon Party, notes in the letter that they have been left out of the process:

“In 2018, when your government was using its majority to push Bill C-71: An Act to amend certain Acts and Regulations in relation to firearms through the House of Commons, myself and other Yukon representatives were hoping to attend the Committee hearings to present many of these views. Unfortunately, the Liberal MPs on the Committee voted against allowing any Yukoners to provide their views.”

Participation in the Committee hearings held by Public Safety Canada were invitation-only.

The RCMP's Firearms Commissioner Brenda Lucki believes that there is no “public safety” excuse for Trudeau to go ahead with this massive gun confiscation from adults holding a valid Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL).

Bill C-71 bans a number of guns including Trudeau's “military-style assault weapons” (which are not a thing) but Public Safety Minister Bill Blair won't tell us which ones yet.

Yukon has the highest rate of Authorization to Carry permits in the country, which allows civilians to carry a holstered handgun or a restricted long gun for personal protection against wildlife.

Petition e-2341 to stop Trudeau's gun confiscation order is the most popular e-petition in Canada with over 132,000 signatures.

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  • By David Menzies

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