'Call it off!' Aussie PM urged to postpone divisive Indigenous Voice referendum

Amid sinking support for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament, broadcaster Neil Mitchell is the latest voice advising the Prime Minister to delay the upcoming referendum.

'Call it off!' Aussie PM urged to postpone divisive Indigenous Voice referendum
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Broadcaster Neil Mitchell has urged the Prime Minister to postpone the referendum on an Indigenous Voice to Parliament as polls indicate it will be rejected by a majority of Australians.

The Redbridge Poll, released this week, showed that the ‘Yes’ vote had dropped under 40 per cent in every state apart from Victoria.

Nationally, only 39 per cent of people polled said they would vote for the Voice. A massive 61 per cent told pollsters they would reject the proposed constitutional change.

Mitchell yesterday told his 3AW radio audience that postponing the divisive referendum would be the “right thing” to do.

“I think the Prime Minister should call it off. Today might be the last day he can do that,” he told listeners.

“Postpone it. It would be genuine leadership … yes it would be embarrassing, and it could even cost a quid.

“But it would be the right thing to do for the country.”

Mitchell said that the Voice looked certain to be rejected and that a ‘No’ vote risked creating massive upset for Indigenous people.

Cancelling the vote, even at this late stage, would be the least worst option.

He said the Prime Minister needed to come up with a new way of creating a Voice that was less contentious.

“Delay the vote, sit down with the opposition and whomever else to work out a deal,” he said.

“Get recognition of Indigenous people through in the Constitution and find a way to make something like a Voice work in detail.

“It might take another year to sort out the detail. In the meantime, it’s urgent… let’s get onto it.

“What has to be done for the Indigenous community now, where and how? Delay the Voice. Give us plan B, doing nothing is just not an option.”

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