‘Take Back Our Border’ convoy arrives in Texas

Alexa Lavoie reports from Quemado, Texas, where many people have gathered to raise awareness of the situation at the southern border, specifically focusing on the crossing of illegal migrants.

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The "Take Back Our Border" convoy arrived in Quemado, Texas, on Friday, February 2, at the Cornerstone Children's Ranch. This convoy aims to raise awareness about the crisis at the southern border, specifically addressing the illegal crossings of thousands of migrants.

Despite Governor Greg Abbott's efforts to combat what he calls President Biden's "lawless policies" regarding mass illegal immigration, people from different states have driven all the way down to Texas to show their support for defending and securing the border.

Some individuals expressed their motivations for joining the convoy. One person stated, "I'm fighting this for my grandchildren," highlighting the concern for future generations.

Another emphasized the importance of preserving opportunities for future Americans, stating, "I want them to have the same opportunity that we had in America."

Concerns were also raised about the allocation of resources, with one participant mentioning, "They're taking a lot of resources away from homeless veterans or taking resources away from homeless people in general by bringing in all these illegals."

Participants voiced their support for Texas and its efforts to address the crisis. One individual declared, "I came here to support the Patriots. I came here to support the features of Texas," expressing solidarity with the state's residents.

Another emphasized the need to stand up for the country and Texas, stating, "We the people. We're coming to stand for our country and for Texas."

Regarding Governor Abbott's actions, opinions were largely supportive. Participants commended Abbott for standing up against federal policies and taking steps to reinforce the border. One individual stated, "I really approve that he's going against Biden's rulings," while another expressed appreciation for Abbott's stance against the federal government.

Overall, the "Take Back Our Border" convoy represents a grassroots effort to address concerns about illegal immigration and support Texas in its efforts to secure the border.

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