'We have crime that's rampant every day in Vancouver'

On last night's episode of the Ezra Levant Show, Filmmaker and social commentator from British Columbia, Arron Gunn joined Ezra to discuss drug decriminalization in B.C.

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Filmmaker and social commentator from British Columbia, Arron Gunn joins Ezra to discuss drug decriminalization in B.C. Aaron is also the filmmaker behind the enormously popular viral video called "Vancouver is Dying."

"What do you make of this quarrel between Poilievre and Trudeau? Is it possible to say Canada is broken or at least parts of Canada are broken while still being a hopeful patriot?" Ezra asked Arron.

Gunn's response was that "the story of any democracy is you want to be pointing out where things aren't going so well and where they can be improved. And if you've traveled to parts of Vancouver and you've traveled to the Downtown Eastside specifically, which is the part of the country that Poilievre of was was mentioning and referring to then I don't know how you can think things aren't broken here in British Columbia, we have an overdose crisis that's you know, there used to be 150 people dying every year from overdose."

He continued:

Now it's over 2000. We have crime that's rampant every day in Vancouver. There are for random violent stranger attacks every single day. You just have this this homelessness that's all over this place, this general degeneracy, needles on the sidewalk, on sidewalks, and parks. And there's lots of you know, there's neighborhoods of Vancouver where people don't feel safe to walk anymore.

And that's I don't think that should be acceptable. And I think Poilievre is correct in pointing that out.

"I think we actually know more about the urban decay in American cities than we do about the urban decay in our own cities," said Ezra.

Aaron added that "it's almost as if the media is trying to gaslight Canadians that this should be normal, that we should be accepting this. And the fact is, when you travel around the world, what's happening in the Downtown Eastside in Vancouver and other Canadian cities is not normal. And it shouldn't be surprising that when you see other cities starting to copy and paste the same policies that have been implemented in Vancouver over the past 20 years, you get the exact same results."

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