Actor FIRED for attending freedom rally

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Meet the man who goes by the name Mukesh Freedom.

Until recently, Mukesh was an actor on a Star Trek spinoff series being shot in Toronto. He enjoyed his time on the set and was thankful for the work he received. But one day, Mukesh was abruptly frog-marched out the studio.

Why? Well, someone in the production crew had spotted Mukesh taking part in an anti-lockdown demonstration, and this COVID-Karen promptly ratted him out.

Gracious! Mukesh was unmasked! Gasp! Mukesh was not practising social distancing! And apparently that made Mukesh the second coming of Typhoid Mary, putting the entire Star Trek cast and crew at risk of catching COVID-19 — even though there’s not a scintilla of evidence when it comes to backing up such fears.

Fascinating,” as Mr. Spock would say with one arched eyebrow…

Indeed, we wonder if a cast member had been spotted at a Black Lives Matter protest would that also result in instant dismissal? Or would that kind of protesting be ok, because apparently the Wuhan virus won’t infect those who are gathering in the name of social justice — yet the virus despises anti-lockdown protesters? Wow, talk about science fiction…

And how perversely ironic: if there’s one sci-fi show out there that is all about diversity, it’s surely the Star Trek franchise, the show that was responsible for the first interracial kiss to be shown on network TV back in the 60s.

But although uber-woke Hollywood champions the phrase “diversity is our strength” apparently a diversity of opinion shall not be tolerated.

In other words, to quote the Borg: “Self determination is irrelevant; resistance is futile.”

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  • By David Menzies

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