TRAUMATIZED: After arrest, police continue to target pastor's wife, kids

Following his arrest, Pastor Tobias Tissen says that police are continuing to target his wife and kids needlessly, given that officers have his number and know how to get ahold of him.

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Recently, we caught up with Pastor Tobias Tissen, while he was attending Pastor Artur Pawlowski's church, The Cave of Adullam. Both pastors have been targeted by the state for their peaceful non-compliance in regards to public health measures, and although they've already been arrested, spent time behind bars and been issued conditions for release, the intimidation from the state continues.

As Tobias recently mentioned on social media, local authorities are now targeting his family.

In this report, we find out exactly what happened when Pastor Tobias' family was pulled over, and the trauma they're still recovering from, following his previous arrest.

As well, we hear Pastor Artur Pawlowski's take on these new tickets. It's worth noting that at one point, Artur alludes to the fact that Tobias was the first pastor in Canada to be hunted in this way — a remarkable feat, and a horrid indication of what our politicians have become.

This type of intimidation from the state has been a common theme for those showing reluctance to abide by so-called “public health” orders.

Thankfully, we'll be helping Tobias with these tickets.

If you want to donate to his legal defence, visit There, through a partnership with The Democracy Fund, a registered Canadian charity, any donation made will qualify for a charitable tax receipt.

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