Alberta redacts entire Pastor Tim Stephens document release

With my investigation into the treatment of Pastor Tim, I didn’t get a huge bill or an enormous delay — I got something equally as frustrating.

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We have a brand new access to information document to show you about the arrest and incarceration of Pastor Tim Stephens. 

The bad news is that all I can show you is 18 pages of nothing.

Now for those of you who may not know, Pastor Tim Stephens has been plagued by public health authorities harassing Fairview Baptist church in Calgary, Alberta when the church did not turn away congregants to meet the government’s ever-changing capacity limits and COVID restrictions for places of worship.

Police entered the church during services and arrested Tim, not once but twice, the first time after Sunday services and then later in front of his kids, when he was held in the Calgary Remand jail for weeks.

Pastor Tim is being represented by the great lawyers from the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms. And our team has been there at Fairview Baptist almost from the beginning.

So naturally, I wanted to know who was making the decisions to torment the Fairview Baptist congregation and leave the innocent Stephens children with the lifelong trauma of seeing their father taken away in handcuffs for the crime of opening his church. 

With my investigation into the treatment of Pastor Tim, I didn’t get a huge bill or an enormous delay, I got something equally as frustrating but also equally as motivating to keep
me curious. 

I did get 18 pages emailed to me. But those pages are all redacted. There is quite literally nothing to see here.

We are appealing and we will appeal until we get these documents and we can show you what was being said and planned about Pastor Tim.

But these sorts of constant appeals are expensive, we have a researcher who files for them and deals with the paperwork for us, and then helps us go through the volumes of documents when we finally do get them.

If you would like to fund our ongoing access to information investigation into the Alberta government’s treatment of these pastors, please donate today at

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  • By Rebel News

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