Albertans of all backgrounds rally to support Danielle Smith and the UCP

The UCP held a rally Thursday evening in Calgary as part of a last-ditch effort by leader Danielle Smith to excite the base before the ballots are cast on May 29.

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Smith energized the crowd of over 2,000 Albertans, commenting on her party's plan to address social disorder while taking potshots of the NDP's 'unrealistic' approach to net-zero. 

"Let me be clear, I will not stand by and allow our beautiful cities to turn into downtown Eastside Vancouver," Smith told supporters.

In the wake of a recent crime wave in Calgary, the UCP deployed 100 additional police officers on the streets and funded gang suppression units focusing on violent gun crime, drug overdoses and smuggling across the border. 

"What does the NDP want to do? They want something called safe supply. Now I don't know about you, but I have never heard of a safe supply of heroin or crystal meth, or fentanyl. There's no such thing, and that is not the path we United Conservatives will take," said Smith.

"We need to help our addicts get off the street and into treatment."

In addition, the UCP leader committed to providing ankle bracelets and 24-hour monitoring of dangerous offenders out on bail.

The crowd rejoiced when Smith criticized the NDP for supporting the province's electricity grid transition to net zero by 2035.

"There's the zero power grid by 2035 that Justin Trudeau is proposing and Rachel Notley has agreed to," she said. "Now, the NDP doesn't want to discuss the cost of this terrible policy on Albertans. They are trying to keep the costs hidden."

Smith also criticized Ottawa's push to "just transition Alberta" out of oil and natural gas.

"Now Trudeau is calling this an emissions cap," she said, adding that Notley has contemplated production caps for oil and gas. But she reassured that oil and gas "are going to be here [in] 2030" under a re-elected UCP government.

"My dear friends, I love this province," continued Smith.

"We are landowners and innovators, entrepreneurs and farmers, communities and families, a place where the best and brightest from every corner of the world join us to build one of the greatest places on earth to live and work and raise our families."

Smith said she's going to fight to keep Alberta that way. 

"We will see you at the victory party on Monday," she told the crowd. 

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