WATCH: Alice Springs 'hero' steps up to put the brakes on ram-raids

Local businesses resort to concrete bollards in a bid to stop youth gangs.

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A local business in Alice Springs is putting its money where its mouth is to protect others in the community as the town deals with an out-of-control youth crime problem.

APJ Concrete has donated concrete bollards to other local businesses in town in an attempt to put the brakes on the ram-raiding thieves causing mayhem in the central Australian town.

"With the current climate with the ram-raids happening ... we've just been donating a few to businesses that are ... getting a bit hard done by with this at the moment," said the company's general manager Allan Brown.

"There's a lot of break-and-enters that have been happening, a lot more than usual and, like I said, you sort of feel a bit sorry for these guys who are getting targeted.

"There's a lot of guys that are getting hit with the crime that's happening at the moment."

The company has been donating the bollards over the past six months in a bid to counter ram raids from youth crime gangs who have been terrorising the town in increasing numbers.

Local business owner and founder of Action for Alice Darren Clark said he was thankful for the generosity, adding that it showed how the community was banding together in a time of crisis.

"That's one thing that Alice Springs is renown for, community spirit, and it's really shone through lately," he said.

"We're going through the toughest time that you could ever go through, but we're very resilient."

Clark's business is one of many in town impacted by the destructive crime and said that the bollards have been a blessing for others in the community worried about their livelihoods.

"My business got ram-raided on the left-hand side of the shop there. a car pulled up over across the road ... he's just driven up in a stolen car and just driven straight in," he said of an incident prior to having the bollards in place.

"It's insanity really. Ram-raids aren't new, they're not a thing that's started in the last few months, they've happened for years, but you'll get a spate of them, then they'll go away and then they'll come back. It's quite scary."

Mainstream media like the ABC are not willing to tell the truth about what is going on here in Alice Springs. To see all of our reports talking to locals on the ground at and if you can, please donate to help cover our costs in bringing you the other side of the story.

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