All-cause deaths continue to skyrocket in Canada

The concerning trend continues with no end in sight, affecting young demographics at an alarming rate, a JCCF report finds.

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In early April, data analyst Kelly Brown began sounding the alarm on concerning trends in all-cause mortality that were not related to COVID-19 deaths.

This has been further confirmed by the report published by the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF), a Canadian organization and federally registered charity that vigorously defends and fights to preserve the constitutional freedoms of Canadians through legal representation and education.

JCCF recently published a 21-page report titled “Excess Deaths Contradict Narrative of Success.”

Utilizing data from Statistics Canada on all-cause mortality, President and founder of the JCCF, John Carpay, calls this the “negative impacts – the harms – of lockdowns.”

“When Governments violate our freedoms to move, to travel, to assemble, to associate, to worship (which they have) – when those rights and freedoms are trampled on, the government has the responsibility of evaluating both the benefits (if any) and the harms (if any) of their polices. Governments haven’t done this,” says Carpay.

One of the reasons the JCCF compiled the report was to hold the government to account. “You cannot say that lockdowns were great and wonderful and not look at the harm that they caused.”

Carpay sources Statistics Canada directly saying that there were “8,000 excess deaths in the last half of 2021.”

An unexpected death is defined as that which are above and beyond what is to be normally expected.

“People who say that Canada’s response to COVID has been successful are typically only looking at vaccination rates and the degree of compliance with health orders,” notes Carpay.

It’s a narrow lens of success criteria that fails to account for the fall out of unprecedented Government restrictions.

“It’s even more shocking that these excess deaths are occurring in Canadians under 45,” Carpay continues. “The under 45 crowd are statistically in very little danger of being harmed by COVID. We have more excess deaths than the number of people dying of COVID [in that age demographic] which means it will have a huge impact on population life expectancy.”

This report is an example of the kind of data that the JCCF will put before the courts.

As real-world data continues to be collected to measure this global experiment that included unprecedented societal lockdowns, the potentially grim and catastrophic picture may beg the question: knowing what we know now, would Canadians tolerate such knee-jerk reactions again? 

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  • By Tamara Ugolini

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