Alleged first-grade teacher boasts online about encouraging students to ask about queerness

The Twitter account for what appears to be an ultra-woke first-grade teacher touted the benefits of discussing her queerness with her first-grade class.

Alleged first-grade teacher boasts online about encouraging students to ask about queerness
Twitter/Creative Commons
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An American first-grade teacher went viral over the weekend for boasting that she encourages her students to ask her about her “queerness.”

The Twitter account called “Nalo,” which is purportedly run by the elementary school teacher, proudly boasts that she goes by the pronoun of “professor” rather than “Mr.” or “Mrs.” because her “favorite moments are always when my students ask about my queerness.”

“I was asked recently during a podcast interview why i don’t use Mrs. or Mr. to refer to myself, and I asked her why I needed to,” the account added. “She said ‘don’t you think it’ll be hard for children to adjust?’”

“But the truth is, it has never been children that struggle with adjusting to the complexities of human experiences,” it continued. “My students are 6-7 years old and they are still steeped in the magic of curiosity.”

The account claims that the students, whom she refers to as “turtles”, know all about her life, and that they will defend her if anyone refers to her as “Mrs.”

Nalo notes that she is married.

“I told them my story once & never needed to say it again. If only adults adjusted as quickly and easily, it may save many of our lives,” she added. “When I had virtual conferences, anytime a parent mistook my title, my student would appear and say ‘no, it’s PROFESSOR nalo’ and I would struggle so much to keep my bearing because they do not play bout me.”

“It’s been such a wondrous experience to teach and learn with them, and I know the impact will make room for them to see beyond homo/transphobia to embrace nuance and complexity in the human experience,” she concluded.

Following the lengthy thread, which received thousands of likes, numerous parents fired back to ask her what kind of education she was giving students besides teaching them about her sex life.

“FIRST GRADERS shouldn’t be assaulted with conversation about your perversions or your identity. In a just world, you’d be arrested for this,” said political commentator David Reaboi.

Conservative political commentator account Reagan Battalion wrote, “You should not teach your 6-year-old students about sexuality or sex, whether you are straight, gay, or non-binary. That this has to be said is an indictment against our education system.”

“[I]nsisting that first graders address you by “professor” is the funniest flex in a long time,” wrote Washington Examiner senior commentator Becket Adams, referencing her lack of qualifications to be a real professor.

The teacher’s thread is an indictment of the state of U.S. public education, with many — though not all — teachers chasing clout on TikTok and other social media platforms for talking to school children about their sex lives.

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