Amazing: About half of Canada’s news-watchers have heard of Rebel News!

Ezra shared the results of a new unbiased poll conducted about Rebel News to measure the company’s reputation in Canada, which found that 25% of Canadians have heard of Rebel News, which amounts to about 50% of the country’s news watching population.

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On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra shared the results of a new scientifically accurate and neutral poll about Rebel News conducted by Leger, which is Canada’s largest pollster. The questions asked in the poll were created by Leger, to ensure no bias on the part of Rebel.

He went over the results of the first question:

The first question was pretty basic. “Have you heard of Rebel News?” That's a good one. By the way, you should remember this. Only about half of Canadians care about the news at all. A recent poll shows that only 16% of Canadians check the news all the time. I would be one of those people, another 35% check the news, I'd say frequently. So that's a total of 51%. But the other half of Canadians follow the news only rarely or even like never.

So the leger poll found that 25% of Canadians have heard of Rebel News. We're eight years old. We have a marketing budget of pretty much zero. It's all word of mouth. It's all friends, sharing with friends and yet 25% of Canadians have heard of Rebel News, which is about half of the news-watching population. We think that's amazing, but that's just the average, of course, it's higher and lower in different parts of the country.

Ezra also shared the results of the second question asked:

The question was, do you have a favourable or unfavourable impression of Rebel News? It's very neutral wording, isn't it? And here's the answer. Canadians who have heard of rebel news are split as to their opinion on the organization, 42% express a favourable impression and the same number, believe the opposite. Isn't that interesting? I think it's a fair deal. I'll take 42% support. I would be surprised if 42% of Canadians support the CBC or the global mail. I'll tell you that.

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