“White noise”: American Trump supporter in Vancouver takes on Black Lives Matter

On Sunday afternoon in Vancouver, British Columbia, approximately 50 people took to the streets to protest the pandemic lockdown as part of ongoing No New Normal protests.

Protesters held signs in opposition to things like masks, contact tracing, lockdown restrictions, with a march that started at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

They want businesses, schools, churches, sports, and community centres re-opened, and they don't want to be forced to wear masks.

The protest marchers attracted a lot of attention from the public, and some of it ended in peaceful disagreements.

But not everyone was opposed to the protest message, including one pro-Trump black American who stopped to take a picture with a protester. The man told me he was stranded in Canada during the COVID-19 inspired border controls.

I asked him his opinion about Black Lives Matter, the Canadian media obsession with hating Trump, the pandemic “new normal”, and what he thinks is behind this new societal discord.

I think you're going to be blown away by what he has to say.