Andrew Lawton: 'People have supported governments that took away their freedom'

Andrew Lawton, senior journalist at True North, and speaker at the Canada Strong & Free Network conference, spoke to Alexa Lavoie about current politics.

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True North's Andrew Lawton spoke at the Canada Strong & Free Network conference. I sat down with him to talk about a few topics, ranging from politics to the freedom of Canadians.

In terms of problems in Canada, Andrew thinks that over the last few years, we saw a monumental shift of power in government, of government control over personal medical choices, over free speech, over the right to assembly.

But people have supported and re-elected the governments that took away their freedom like Doug Ford, François Legault and Justin Trudeau.

Throughout history in Canada, a strong battle has always been persistent between the Liberal party and the Conservative party. But the question remains of why it is always easier for the Liberals to be elected?

Andrew specified that the problem is that we have three main parties in Canada, the NDP, the Liberals and the Conservatives.

And because there are three - you have the Conservatives on the right, the NDP on the left, the Liberals have kind of convinced people that they're in the middle. He continued by saying that the Liberal party is not in the middle. They're a left wing party.

Really involved in the political sphere, I was wondering what he thought was the biggest mistake the Liberals made? Lawton says that by banning pro-life members of the Liberal caucus, Justin Trudeau has revealed the attitude that we have lived with as Canadians, which is that he is the only one that gets to decide how things are and anyone who criticizes him is gone.

We also touch on the Chinese interference and Lawton is persuaded that we are going to find that they knew a lot more than they admitted and didn't do anything about it.

A very interesting interview that touches on many aspects of political life as well as some issues that Canadians must face.

Watch the full report for more!

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