Another allegation of sexual assault in one of Trudeau’s COVID jails

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The Best Western Premier near the Toronto airport is part hotel/part internment camp. And Sarah Smith of Barrie, Ont., never wants to stay there again.

Sarah recently returned to Toronto from Greece, landing at Pearson International Airport. Par for the course these days, Sarah was transported to a COVID quarantine hotel — in her case, the Best Western. The experience rattled her. Sarah alleges that she was sexually assaulted by a man there, a man who she believed worked at the hotel in some capacity, though it turns out he may not be an employee at all.

The alleged assault occurred in the hotel’s parking garage when Sarah went there to smoke.

The man — who she thought was an employee — offered to accompany her to the parkade.

Afterwards, he started to get handsy. He insisted on massaging Sarah, even though she wasn’t keen on the idea.

Sure enough, it wasn’t long before he began touching her inappropriately.

Sarah says that when she broke off his groping advances, the man exposed his penis and began masturbating.

Sarah then says she beat a hasty retreat back to her room. Front desk staff claimed the man didn’t work at the hotel — which raises the question: how was this person allowed to linger around the lobby and interact with guests/inmates? Or did this man perhaps know someone who works at the hotel?

When Sarah was released, she promptly filed a police report. Toronto Police are now investigating; it should be noted that none of Sarah’s allegations have been proven in a court of law.

Recently, we decided to visit this Best Western property along with Sarah.

Alas, our mission to get some answers only resulted in the front desk employees calling the police. How odd: they seemed nonchalant that one of their guests had allegedly been sexually assaulted, but reacted angrily when asked questions.

Meanwhile, we reached out to the media relations department at Best Western’s head office; our emails were not returned. Likewise, we reached out to the Public Health Agency of Canada, which is responsible for running the COVID quarantine hotel program; again, no comment was forthcoming.

Bottom line: it seems to us that if Sarah’s story is indeed true, this would be another criminal act taking place in one of these COVID jails, courtesy of the Justin Trudeau Liberals.

Oh, how we’d love to directly ask Prime Minister Trudeau about the alleged sexual assault of Sarah Smith. We wonder what our feminist PM would have to say.

Our hunch? He would probably say something along the lines of Sarah “experiencing it differently”…

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