Another “retail rebellion” snuffed out before it even began

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How sad. We had been tipped off about a “retail rebellion” that was about to take place in Kleinburg, Ont., just northwest of Toronto. Barbershops and nail salons and boutiques were all planning on opening up in defiance of the debilitating lockdown mandates. But when we visited Kleinburg last Friday afternoon, nobody was taking part. In fact, no shop owner even wanted to come on camera.

So, what happened to the revolution?

Vlad Sobolev of We Are All Essential says the businesses were essentially intimidated into remaining closed. In an interview with Rebel News, Vlad says the local Business Improvement Association was against the idea, and members of bylaw and the York Regional Police visited several businesses, stating it was not a good idea to reopen. And the business owners caved; the retail rebellion died before it even got going — all thanks to intimidation tactics.

Too bad. I need a haircut. I could use a manicure. It would’ve been great to buy a new dress shirt. But apparently that is too dangerous to accommodate now and in the months ahead... even though it’s business as usual at big box stores such as Costco and Walmart.

Does this make sense in any way to anyone?

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