Anti-Israel protesters scale Australian Parliament House to spew antisemitism

Demonstrators allowed to display calls for genocide and deliver speeches from atop Canberra's iconic building with no arrests made.

Anti-Israel protesters scale Australian Parliament House to spew antisemitism
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Anti-Israel activists climbed onto the roof of Canberra’s Parliament House, drawing immediate attention from onlookers on Thursday morning.

The incident occurred just after 10am when at least four masked protesters managed to ascend the iconic structure.

They displayed a large black banner reading,From the river to the sea, Palestine will be freeandno peace on stolen land.Another banner, hung under the Australian Coat of Arms, accused the government of enabling war crimes.

Officers positioned themselves at the building's entrance, keeping a close watch on the situation but failed to immediately intervene. Visitors, including groups of schoolchildren, observed the scene with curiosity as they made their way into the national landmark.

One protester read a speech from his phone, addressing issues related to the Hamas-Israel conflict. The group also crafted paper aeroplanes with various slogans, which they launched from the roof to the media below.

Australian Federal Police Association President Alex Caruana, present for other business, told Sky News that specialist police were devising a strategy to resolve the standoff peacefully.

Ultimately if they're not posing a massive threat to themselves or to the public, then I think there might be a little bit to play out, he remarked.

ACT Police confirmed that while the protestors inside the premises had been removed, a few remained in precarious positions at the front of the building.

"ACT Policing and AFP Protective Service Officers are responding to the protest activity at Parliament House," stated a police spokeswoman.

As of now, no arrests have been made.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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