Antifa and Fae Johnstone protest Danielle Smith's speech in Ottawa

Left-wing activists have been agitated since Alberta announced new plans for legislation protecting parental rights, women's sports and restricting gender reassignment last week.

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A vulgar mob of approximately 200 trans rights activists led by the YWCA's Fae Johnstone hurled insults at attendees of an event hosted in honour of the Alberta premier at the Sir John A. Macdonald building in Ottawa.

Despite a heavy police presence, pro-parental rights counter-demonstrators outside of Smith's reception, which was hosted by Canada Strong and Free across from Parliament, reported they were shoved by the trans activists. Rainbow warrior-types were seen using squeaky toys and megaphones to blast noise at supporters of Smith's new policies.

Smith was in the nation's capital Monday to open a new Alberta-Ottawa office, a consulate-like agency to advance Alberta's interests in the nation's capital. In the afternoon, the premier gave a speech to the Economic Club of Canada.

The protests come as Smith is set to bring in a slate of pro-parent policies in Alberta, which polling suggests is wildly popular across all demographics regardless of voting intention.

Smith's recently announced pro-parent agenda was met with hyperbolic disdain from the institutional left and the mainstream media (but I repeat myself). The proposed policy prohibits sexual surgical transitions of minors, prohibits puberty blockers for children under the age of 16, mandates parental permission before discussions of sex in the classroom, and features a prohibition on biological males identifying as females to compete in women's sports.

The protest against Smith was organized by Fae Johnstone, founder of the federally-funded LGBTQ lobby Wisdom 2 Action and the first trans person to sit on the board of the YWCA.

Johnstone drew international mockery last year as the face of Hershey's disastrous Women's Day campaign.

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