Antifa approaches reporter after leftists can’t form coherent thoughts on abortion

On July 4, a pro-abortion protest was organized on Parliament Hill, and William Diaz-Berthiaume was able to have an interview with two leftists. However, the Antifa types on site were angered by this, and decided to call backup…

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“My head, my back, my p***y will fight back,” a woman chose to write on her sign, before arriving late to Parliament Hill to protest abortion.

Indeed, a large number of people that attended the gathering were holding signs on which was written profane language, as it appears on multiple social media posts. Some protesters also came with the LGBT flags and Transgenderism flags, sometimes combining both and adding racism to the equation.

Unfortunately, Rebel News reporter William Diaz-Berthiaume arrived late to the social gathering. Most people had left at that point. 

However, two leftist ladies arrived late as well, with two profane signs. 

And they agreed to have an interview with Rebel News, who had no gear displayed. 

But before the interview began, a young man was sitting on a bench very near Diaz-Berthiaume, and he was wearing a white N95 mask — outside. 

He appeared to be taking selfies on the bench.

However, it seems that selfies were not actually being taken. The man was almost certainly taking pictures and videos of the interactions between the leftist ladies and Rebel News.

But how could that have been the case? And why would anyone make that assumption?

Because around five minutes later, some Antifa types arrived.

The guy presented in the picture above began circulating around Diaz-Berthiaume while he was conducting the interview with the two ladies. 

When a bystander walked next to the individuals and told them that if they are Antifa, he isn’t scared of them, the man with the sunglasses responded: “Thank you.”

Which would appear to confirm the allegations.

Watch the video above and see the full interaction with the pro-abortion protesters and hear Diaz-Bertiaume explain the situation.

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