Antifa crashes Jordan Peterson event in Seattle, assaults local journalist

Antifa protesters disrupted event goers, tried to block Rebel News' coverage and assaulted Seattle journalist Jonathan Choe.

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Thousands came to Seattle, Washington, this past weekend to listen to famed psychologist and professor Dr. Jordan B. Peterson.

Individuals were eager to hear Dr. Peterson’s views on life, religion, culture and emotions as he is considered to be among the most intelligent people in the world. But Dr. Peterson’s bold lectures on truth and facts fail to positively reach the left-leaning activist class, with his unapologetic lectures on leftist ideologies, the collapse of western civilization and societal roles.

With this subject matter comes protests, and last Friday evening individuals, including Antifa, came to protest Dr. Peterson's event in Seattle.

Antifa disrupted eventgoers and attempted to block all of Rebel News’ coverage. One Antifa militant even assaulted a local Seattle journalist, Jonathan Choe.

The good news here is that we have a picture of this individual’s face, and it is crucial that he gets identified so Choe can get justice.

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