AOC slams Trump for calling her 'AOC'

AOC slams Trump for calling her 'AOC'

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took to Twitter to scold President Trump for referring to her by her initials “AOC,” which is how she is commonly referred. 

According to AOC, government officials should refrain from calling her that. The Democratic representative implied that Trump and Republican representatives are sexist for not calling her by her official government title.

“I wonder if Republicans understand how much they advertise their disrespect of women in debates when they consistently call women members of Congress by nicknames or first names while using titles & last names when referring to men of = stature. Women notice. It conveys a lot,” she tweeted.

“AOC is a name given to me by community & the people. Y’all can call me AOC. Government colleagues referring to each other in a public or professional context (aka who don’t know me like that) should refer to their peers as ‘Congresswoman,’ ‘Representative,’ etc. Basic respect 101,” she concluded.

Social media users responded to the congresswoman’s tweet with mixed replies, with some social media influencers noting that Trump frequently refers to male government officials with more personal names, a prime example being Trump referring to Joe Biden as simply “Joe,” whereas some mainstream media pundits came to AOC’s defence.

Texas senator Ted Cruz poked fun at AOC, tweeting out, “A freshman Member of Congress (man or woman) demanding that the President of the United States call her “Congresswoman” is just . . . bizarre,” and captioned his tweet with a photo of Eric Cartman from South Park.

“AOC is not a nickname, they’re your initials. JFK is also not a nickname. The FBI, again, is not a nickname. You can maybe say that Trump should’ve still used your official title, but Obama was also referenced sans title, and you don’t see him whining about it on Twitter…” tweeted Lauren Chen.