Are 15-minute cities about convenience or climate change?

The Gunn Show was joined by Michelle Stirling from Friends of Science. 'The intention of these 15-minute cities is to reduce your carbon footprint,' said Stirling.

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15-minute-cities are no conspiracy theory. They have been adopted as part of the zoning code in many major cities, including Edmonton.

The idea is sold as a matter of utility to make the lives of residents easier and their communities more walkable when everything one might need is nearby, with daily goods and services mandated to be within 15 minutes of walking distance from one's home. You'd never need to own a car or leave your immediate district under this new vision of the future of urban living.

But is that the real reason for these cloistered neighbourhoods? Is it really about convenience or climate change?

Everything seems to be about climate change now, even covid. The Renfieldesque CEO of covid vaccine manufacturer AstraZeneca is now concerned with pursuing a low-carbon future.

Governments, big pharma, and the Environmental Left are intersecting to promote new lockdowns on personal freedom. And if you notice, you're a hateful climate change-denying anti-vaxxer instead of a thoughtful skeptic. Just ask the mainstream media or the Liberals.

Where did the plan to create 15-minute cities come from? My guest tonight, Michelle Stirling from Friends of Science, explains. We also tackle the lies of the Just Transition to green jobs and what she calls a libel against Canadians by former NDP leader Thomas Mulcair and NDP MP Leah Gazan.

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