Are COVID vaccines really vaccines? One nurse's opinion

Are mRNA vaccines really vaccines, in the sense that we understand them? Leah Frost, a nurse, explains what she thinks these jabs should be classified as.


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Leah Frost is a nurse and a client who was issued two summons totalling what amount to a $20,000 fine — and who is now risking unemployment over vaccine mandates.

Recently, Rebel News published a video featuring Leah Frost. She's a nurse out of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario who was fired, then issued summonses for vocalizing her point of view on the government's response to COVID-19.

Not only was Leah let go once, but she may be let go again for not taking the vaccine. Luckily for Leah, The Democracy Fund is helping her through If you wish to support to her legal fight, donations made through this portal qualify for a charitable tax receipt.

Now, today is a bit of a special video.

As you may know, those in the medical industry have otherwise been silenced over fears of both lost employment and shunning from society — but that's not the case today.

I first interviewed Leah as a Fight The Fines client, but since I was interviewing a nurse, I thought it was a great chance to get some clarification on vaccines.

What is a vaccine? What is a COVID-19 shot? And what makes them different?

Well, today we found solace to those questions.

To start, Leah highlights the fact that she isn’t anti-vaccine, often times the label thrown at anyone with a point of view contrary to that of Big Pharma.

Leah emphasized that she is “pro-medical freedom, but what comes with medical freedom is informed consent.” She followed that statement up by highlighting how many vaccine companies are exempt from liability. I would add this shows that these big companies have little in their faith in their own products.

Moving forward, Leah claims she may need to leave her new job because her employer is asking her to divulge her vaccination status — that or submit to regular testing, something Leah thinks would be illegal under Bill S201, a bill pertaining to genetic testing.

Not only would Leah be put in a position where she may be forced to leave the medical industry over mandatory vaccine policies, but she claims roughly a quarter of those who work underneath her would also do the same.

Leah professed her concerns that we already have a massive medical shortage here in Canada, and that these new policies would actively diminish the quality our medical system even further.

Now for the question du jour: there is speculation as to whether or not this COVID ’vaccine’, is in fact a vaccine.

Leah tells us that this isn’t exactly the case. As you may know, the common understanding of what a vaccine is, is that you get a weakened virus, introduce it to the body and let the immune system respond accordingly.

However, according to Leah, this isn’t what we have now. She claims mRNA vaccines aren’t vaccines, they’re modifiers. To hear a detailed description of what she meant, I encourage you to watch the interview in full.

And don't forget Leah's potential $20,000 cumulative summons fees are being fought by The Democracy Fund through, where donations would qualify you for a charitable tax receipt.

I do hope you appreciate how difficult it can be for someone in Leah's shoes to speak up. For those who might have insider information pertaining to the COVID pandemic, please reach out to us at We'll protect your identity and help bring truth to light.

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