Aussie PM mocked again for lack of Indigenous Voice details

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese was again called out for his lack of detailed knowledge about his proposed Indigenous Voice to Parliament during a radio interview.

Aussie PM mocked again for lack of Indigenous Voice details
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Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has been widely mocked for being unable to answer simple questions about the detail of his proposed Indigenous Voice to Parliament during an interview on Sydney radio.

Opposition leader Peter Dutton described the PM’s 21 minute interview with 2GB’s Ben Fordham as “a shocker”

He said Albanese “didn’t know what he was talking about”.

"It's no wonder Australians are confused and if Anthony Albanese can't explain it to you, why would you vote for it?" Dutton said.

The PM failed to provide clear answers to a series of questions Fordham put to him about the Voice including whether members of the Voice would be appointed or elected, whether or not members of the Voice would be paid, and what kind of office the Voice might have in Canberra.

Albanese refused to say whether he would consider legislating a Voice if the referendum failed, insisting he was not contemplating a “no” vote.

In attempting to answer questions the Prime Minister continually referred to the 260-page Calma-Langton report on the Indigenous Voice.

Fordham butted in: "You're losing people when you constantly point to reports. You're always talking about, 'Go and read the 260 page report'. This is a radio show".

The interview became heated when the Prime Minister said Fordham should let him answer questions, but Fordham insisted that the PM was evading giving clear answers.

"I'm about to tell you, if you actually stop talking and allow me to answer the question,” Albanese snapped at one point.

"Because you're not interested in the answer,” Fordham shot back.

Dutton, who has been saying for weeks that the government was failing to provide enough detail about the Voice, pointed to the interview as proof Albanese "had a lot of work” to do before the referendum in the second half of the year.

"He's got a lot of work to do because at the moment, nobody wants to see the cause of reconciliation go backwards and if he presides over a model which is botched from the start, then that's exactly what will happen and nobody wants that,” he said.


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  • By Avi Yemini

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