Aussie supermarket called out for marked-up pride bags

Shoppers not happy with the price of Coles' latest marketing ploy.

Aussie supermarket called out for marked-up pride bags
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Coles have introduced special pride-themed paper bags to celebrate World Pride, but not everyone is happy.

SBS News presenter Ricardo Concalves complained that the customers were being charged more for the LGBTQ bags than for the supermarket chain’s regular bags.

The Pride bags, featuring a rainbow flag cost 55 cents compared to the standard bags that sell for just 25 cents. Concalves posted a photo of the Pride bag on Twitter with the caption: "Everyone may be welcome at the table, but you'll have to pay more than double to do so."

News that the gay bag cost 30 cents more than the normal bag sparked anger on social media.

“Be better Coles,” one furious reader replied.

Another tweeted: “Boo. Inclusion is not a marketing opportunity at any price point.”

“That’s crazy,” said another. But a Coles spokesperson told Yahoo News that the gay friendly bags were part of their partnership with WorldPride and that the extra 30 cents from each bag sold would go directly to an LGBTQ+ organisation.

"The Pride recyclable and reusable paper shopping bags have been really popular with customers and the fabulous design and colour make them slightly more expensive than our regular paper shopping bags,” the spokesperson said.

“The entire 30 cents from the sale of these bags is being donated to our wonderful partner Pride Cup which is changing sporting culture to make LGBTI+ people feel safe, welcome and accepted."

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  • By Avi Yemini

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